• Improve your workflows, <br /> extend ArcGIS

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    Improve your workflows,
    extend ArcGIS

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  • and gain value from <br />spatial awareness

    Add a new perspective ...

    and gain value from
    spatial awareness

  • to discover unseen <br/> correlations

    Geo-relate your data ...

    to discover unseen

ArcGIS and WebOffice will improve your workflows by adding a spatial context. Best practise tools and integrational components increase the productivity of your ArcGIS for Server.

WebOffice is a powerful extension to the ArcGIS Platform. Key aspects of WebOffice are Configuration, User Interfaces, User Management and Online Clients.

WebOffice clients allow flexible use of a variety of user-interfaces from desktop to mobile devices in any combination with ArcGIS standard clients. Through its centralized and easy administration WebOffice will perfectly integrate into your IT-infrastructure, your role-based user-model and security strategy.

It is your decision which combination of owner-operated on premise, hosted Solution and cloud services best meets your requirements. WebOffice will work smoothly with all of them. Our qualified Team will support you through all phases from design to implementation, migration, customizing and ongoing maintenance!

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